We turn the wheel for you...





                  ...the wheel of time.

New investment planned? Is your equipment going into the years? We can postpone the decay together.


Benefit from regular maintenance and the service of our factory trained specialists.


Regular maintenance by our specialists prevents long and cost-intensive downtime.


Very few "old-school" experts still have the know-how to keep even old-fashioned offset plants such as a Roland R800

with expert knowledge, handy skill and the necessary materials alive.


We have it!


Downtime costs a printing company a fortune. We are currently working on the solution with high pressure for one of the biggest problems in the printing industry. We minimize your standstill in case of a machine failure - that´s a promise.


Be curious about what we can offer you in the near future.


Use our Onlineshop! Consumables and common wear parts can be ordered online. You save the time from the request to the offer.


Coming soon: We are currently working on a new edition of the already successful shop which can be reached at