Our Team

Our service employees in the departement of Mechanics

Wolfgang Höhn

Inspektor Mechatronics


all formats, including peripherals


Commissioning, Printing techniques, damage analysis, Repair and Maintenance

Jürgen Groh



Formats: R700, R900


Repair and Maintenance, Commissioning, Removal services


Josef Nees


Formats: R900, XXL


Perfecting XXL, Repairs, Maintenance, Commissioning

Benno Waßmer


Specialist Heidelberg


Repair and Commissioning HD, Removal services

Our service employees in the departement of Electronics

Uwe Trumpa


all formats


Repair and Maintenance, Removal services


- New team memeber -

Karl-Heinz Kampfmann



all formats


Repair and Mantenance, Removal services, Commissioning

Our employees in the procurement

Christine Wagner


Consulting, spare parts, purchasing, processing and order guidance

Our employee in production

Michael Lang



Mechanical repairs and manufacturing

Our warehouse manager

Frank Dietrich


Disposition, Work safety

Our employees in the office

Andrea Büttner-Bindemann



Balance Sheet Accounting, Controlling

Daniele Sama


Human resources and Finance

Geraldine Müller



Our trainee

Marvin Bindemann


Trainee as an Industrial Salesman

Our good soul







The company management

Christian Büttner, Knut Müller, Jürgen Rhein (from left to right)